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Things to do on MANGAIA

Cave tours
The main feature of this island is the Makatea or limestone rock. The MAKATEA NATURE WALK AND CAVE TOUR (duration 3 to 4 hours), gives you a good introduction to the island's geology, history, flora and fauna. This tour will take you through unique landscape of strange and beautiful rock formations You will experience a breathtaking view over the interior of the island and visit 4 caves of historical significance. You will learn hair rising stories of cannibalism in the old days.
Cost: NZ$45.00 per person (US$32.00)

Sightseeing Tours
Guided sightseeing tours (duration 4 or 2 hours) are available (from Ara Moana Bungalows) that will take you over most parts of the island. You will see all four regions of the island including the reef, roads through narrow makatea canyons, magnificent lookouts over the interior and the highland forests.
Big Tour: NZ$50.00 per person (US$35.00).

Motor scooter riding
Rent a motor scooter and go on your own. There are more roads to discover than on any other island in Cook Islands.
Rental: Normally NZ$30.00 per 24 hrs plus fuel.

Hiking trips
If you want to take a closer look at the unique landscape, take one or more of the many hikes through the very varying surroundings. For a modest fee you will be dropped at the starting point of the hike with a map and a detailed description of how to follow the track that eventually leads you back to the hotel.

Fishing trips
If you like fishing, a local man can show you how it is done from the reef using a rod. Should you prefer more serious adventure, offshore fishing from a boat is also available, weather permitting. If you are lucky you could get a large yellow-fin tuna (see picture) and get to eat it the same evening.
Offshore fishing: NZ$50 per person (US$35)

Just relax and watch the ocean
There is a secluded beach nearby which you are quite likely to have to yourself. The water is shallow but you can always get a dip. From late June to early October whales on their annual migration can be seen swimming quite close to reef.

Go to church on Sunday
This is by no means compulsory. But even if you are not religious, you would appreciate the the harmonious singing of the congregation. It also offers you the opportunity to meet with the local villagers.

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